Cover Letter Creation


Preparation of letter suited to the individual and target audience.

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Generate a positive impression which leads readers to action. This cover letter, letter, or statement of purpose can move the recruiter to read your résumé, consider your admission to a program, offer you an interview, among others.


Cover letters of higher complexity could require additional per hour charges. I would communicate with you ahead of time before making any changes that would result in said charges.


This service includes the creation of a cover letter no longer than 1.5 pages in 12pt font Times New Roman, using double spacing and 1 inch margins. It also includes a 1 hour creative session with me, which can be scheduled in-person, by phone, or online (ex. ZOOM, Skype, Google Hangouts).


Fill out this form. I urge you to have your résumé, diploma and/or college transcripts just in case we need them during the process.


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