What is it you do?

I provide language and training services that boost goals. In particular, I:

  1. write professional documents (ex. resume, cover letter, curriculum vitae),
  2. translate Spanish - English text (ex. protocols, academic manuscripts),
  3. proofread English grammar (ex. dissertations, thesis, manuals, websites, blogs),
  4. edit APA and MLA style, and
  5. facilitate face-to-face and online workshops: show me the catalog

Is this page safe?

Our site meets the highest standard of security: SSL. Our security is evidenced in the green lock featured in the top bar and in the URL which is https.

Page URL

You can also confirm it by clicking on the lock which will take you to the page certificates.

Security certificate

How can I pay?

We have payment methods for every preference: the techy, the traditional, and the corporate type.

How to pay with ATH Móvil?

To use this payment method, choose the Cash on Delivery (COD)-ATH Móvil option during checkout. ATH Móvil has yet to issue a checkout button.

ATH Móvil payment option

The easiest way to reach our businesses' ATH Movil is by using your camera to scan this QRCode.

Scan this image with your mobile camera

Alternatively, you can open the app directly. Here's a tutorial on how to use the app ATH Móvil for businesses. Using your phone’s app, you can find me as “/PWD” (Professional Writing and Development). Click on “Pay a business” and scroll to the “p,” choose “PWD.”

My business name in ATH Móvil Business

How to pay with PayPal?

The PayPal button automatically sends the payment to the business bank account. Just follow their instructions as you always do.

How to pay with checks?

Click on the “Check option” during checkout. Checks must be issued to “Professional Writing and Development” and mailed to PMB28 PO BOX 60401 San Antonio PR 00690

How do I pay with cash?

Cash payments must be coordinated ahead of time. Contact me, Dr. Zaira Arvelo, by phone (787-324-7403) or email: zaira.pwdpr@gmail.com

Do you accept Bitcoin?

Yes, I do, so put your Bitcoin to use.

What are your hours of operation?

The store is open 24 hours so you can order whenever you want. Our personnel works Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Atlantic Standard Time).

How can I contact you?

You can reach me over email (zaira.pwdpr@gmail.com), by phone (787-324-7403) or using the contact form.

Do you ship?

Como me especializo en servicios a la distancia, recurro a distintas plataformas para hacer llegar el producto. Puede ser emails con archivos adjuntos y servicios en la nube como Google Drive y Dropbox. Si prefieres entrega «hard copy» o física, debes escribir (zaira.pwdpr@gmail.com) o llamar (787-324-7403) y le añado dicho costo a la orden.

Do you issue refunds?

We do not issue refunds. I send samples or digital versions of the requested service in PDF form and ask for your feedback or approval before it is finalized. Once the product has been approved and paid, it is sent in the requested editable format (ex. .doc, .docx, .pdf).

Do you have any warranty?

In Professional Writing and Development, we are committed to providing top notch services that satisfy clients needs. For this reason, we follow a draft and approval process before issuing finalized work. Who else would you trust with your thesis or corporate material? Well the language doctor of course!

How do the site and services work?

  1. Select the product
  2. Select its attributes or details, if applicable (ex. duration, length)
  3. Ve al carrito o procede a hacer «checkout».
  4. Create a user account (optional)
  5. Select your payment method: check, cash on delivery (for ATH Móvil and cash), PayPal, Bitcoin
  6. Si estás ordenando un servicio que requiere someter un archivo, envíalo a zaira.pwdpr@gmail.com o adjúntalo usando el formulario de «Contacto.»
  7. Upon receipt of payment and required files, your order is placed in a queue.
  8. You receive a draft of the requested service in PDF format over mail and a courtesy phone notification (ex. text or call).
  9. We discuss suggestions and concerns for the rest of the work using a method of your choosing: face to face, phone call, conference call, email.
  10. The finalized work is emailed to you in editable format alongside the final receipt.

How is the complementary interview carried out?

Services that include a complimentary interview are adjusted to your needs. The interview can be face-to-face, over the phone, or via conference call using platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype.

What happens after I pay?

Payments that are not automated such as checks, ATH Móvil, and cash must be issued within a 3 day period of placing the order. After the 3 day period, all unpaid orders will be canceled. When the payment is received, the order is validated and placed in a queue (you will receive an email confirming receipt). When the other orders are processed, we start to work on yours. Time frames vary from service to service depending on their complexity. For this reason, I suggest you send an email or message if you wish to have an approximate delivery date. As soon as your order is processed, the draft is sent in PDF format (you will receive an email and the draft). You have 7 days to respond via email or coordinate communication with me regarding suggested changes or acceptance of the draft and to issue payment difference (if your order was secured with a deposit). Only orders of $200 and above can be submitted using a deposit. Orders lacking a response or payment difference will be cancelled and the deposit will be retained. Orders which have been paid and discussed with the client will result in completed work in editable format (an email notification will be sent).

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