Letter of Intent Evaluation


Evaluate the letter of intent, introductory letter, admission essay, or purpose statement.

Available on backorder



Eliminate grammar errors which can obscure the letter or essay. Identify shortcomings in order to present a competitive and neat essay or letter.


The $50.00 letter of intent evaluation service is for files of up to 2 pages of length with 1 inch margins, 12pt font, and double spacing.


We reserve the right to cancel orders where clients request editing of content without appropriate intellectual property permission or when they submit content generated by online translators (ex. Google Translate). Please note that I do not perform proofreading in Spanish only in English.


Read the evaluation sheet Intent Letter-Editing Checklist-Bilingual to become familiar with my evaluation. Send your letter of intent in English and editable format to zaira.pwdpr@gmail.com.


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