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Reserve your private editor today, and have a relaxed semester.



Secure your private editor today and spend a relaxing next 5 months. Live with the security that in just 24 hours your manuscript will be ready to be submitted because you are one of my VIPs (very important person).

Get rid of the English grammar nightmare, and focus on your ideas and how they flow. I will take care of all of those errors with commas, tenses, singular and plural forms of the verbs.

I will also work on your APA style for the cover page, in-text citations, page numbers, and references.

Is it for me?

If you can answer yes to any of these statements, it is for you. One: you already know you must submit written work in English. Two: you hate having to work with APA format.

  • Valued at $500.00.
  • Product opens August 19, 2022 and closes December 10, 2022
  • It includes editing for a maximum of 50 pages or 14,000 words between those dates (5 months or the equivalent of one semester).
  • One page is the equivalent to 280 words in a letter type such as Times New Roman size 12 using double space. The only thing you need to do is upload your paper (no longer than eight pages) to Google Drive (using the link you will receive upon paying for the service) no later than 24 hours before your deadline. In other words, if you must submit by April 16th, you will upload it by April 15th before midnight (AST). It is that simple.
  • Dedicate your time to prepping for your classes and exams.
  • 100% online (order, payment, delivery)
  • Guaranteed expedited proofreading
  • How is it different from paying for each essay separately? You save on the individual checkout fee, you ensure having editing funds when you need them, and you are treated as a VIP: placed at the top of the queque. Just upload the paper and DONE.
  • We do not edit files translated by Google Translate (we refuse the right to cancel said orders).
  • Grammar editing is only done in English and it includes spelling, tense, number, and syntax (order of the words within a sentence). This service does not include paragraphing or coherence (order of ideas).
  • We follow official guidelines from the APA and MLA to format files. We do not accept professor developed style formatting.
  • A perfect reference list requires you to gather the details for every source and to know the source type: book, book chapter, magazine, website, blog, report, thesis, etc. I'm pretty good at this, but I cannot perform magic.
  • Documents must be uploaded in .doc or .docx format.
  • Documents must be labeled using the client's first and last names: Ex. Essay1-A.Munoz
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1 review for Paquete Semestral de Edición VIP

  1. Irma Perez (verified owner)

    He utilizado los servicios de Professional Writing and Development (PWD) por dos semestres consecutivos. Estoy muy satisfecha con la calidad y profesionalismo que la Dra. Arvelo me ofrece como cliente VIP. Como miembro VIP, PWD revisa mis documentos académicos de forma rápida y precisa. Este servicio exclusivo me da tranquilidad y confianza porqué me garantiza que el producto final estará en mi inbox en 24 horas o menos. PWD no solo me asegura de que mis trabajos de escuela graduada estén libre de errores gramaticales, tipográficos y de puntuación, sino que también verifica que el formato APA se haya utilizado correctamente en el ensayo, las referencias y las citas. Sin duda, el servicio que ofrece PWD merece una calificación de 5 estrellas ~ Irma

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