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YES! So you decided to go to Grad School. What's next?

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What does it include?

Online course that takes you from grad school planning to the submission stage. It is divided into 5 units and 28 video lessons:

  • Unit 1: Choosing Colleges and Programs (9 lessons)
  • Unit 2: Procuring the Recommendation Letters (4 lessons)
  • Unit 3: Creating my Profile: Résumé and Curriculum Vitae (8 lessons)
  • Unit 4: Crafting the Purpose Statement (3 lessons)
  • Unit 5: Handling the Forms and Platforms (3 lessons)

This video presents the course structure in more detail:

The course includes 12 tools:

  • 1 Interactive guide with deadlines and steps to apply to Grad School
  • 2 Tables to guide your research and annotate your findings about each institution
  • 4 Email templates to request recommendation letters
  • 4 Templates to develop your résumé
  • 1 Supplementary sheet to strengthen your résumé's experience section

You receive unlimited access to the course and its materials within 24 hours of placing your order.


Save time and avoid having to crack the Grad School code. I have already done this multiple times personally (for my masters and doctorate) and for my clients and students who have enrolled at Purdue, Brown, John Hopkins, UConn, Wisconsin Madison, among others. And that's why I've prepared the course.

My advisor and I during my PhD graduation at Purdue (2015)

Feel confident when developing your package whether they ask for a résumé, a curriculum vitae, or a purpose statement. I explain each genre using real world examples.

In addition, you get a zip file full of resources to aid you in the process of identifying and evaluating colleges.

More course info.

More info about the virtual academy.


The course is in rolling admissions, which means you can register and start whenever you want.


No refunds or transfers of money to other services will be made. When paying, the client understands and commits to the following statements:

  • I understand the course is 100% online.
  • I own a device (to access, play content, and complete sheets).
  • I have earbuds or a head set to play each lesson.
  • Will download the mobile app (Moodle) or bookmark the course page (if using a PC or Mac) to complete the course.
  • My device has available space or memory for the course files.
  • I have an Internet connection or data plan to enjoy the course.
  • I will monitor my email account for course updates.
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