Creación Résumé Federal


Customize your résumé and increase your chances at interviewing.

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Tener en mano un résumé personalizado que resalta los conocimientos, habilidades y destrezas pertinentes al puesto federal deseado.


El servicio de redacción de résumé federal es para individuos que interesan solicitar a un puesto en una agencia federal mediante plataformas como USA Jobs.


This product includes the creation of a professional résumé of up to 2 pages of length using 1 inch margins and 12p font in 1.5 to double line spacing. It also includes a 1 hour creative session with me, which can be scheduled by phone or online (ex. ZOOM, Skype, Google Hangouts). This service includes up to 4 hours of writing time since professional résumés are complex and more technical than basic résumés. Cases where the task exceeds 4 hours of work or the file is longer than 2 pages will result in additional charges which will start at $32.00.


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