How to prepare for an interview in English

July 2019

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Not another "what to wear" class

Less perfume

Softer make-up

suit and tie for an interview

It's a course on how to prepare mentally and verbally to succeed in an interview carried out in English.

Here are the course topics

Los 3 temas del curso
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My philosophy:

Successful interviews depend on knowing the industry's technical language, developing your answers, matching your KSAs with those of the desired position, and having tools to request clarification or maximize your time during the interview.

The focus in on the "pre" interview stage

tablet company research

Destrezas de investigación para saber del puesto, la compañía, y la industria. 

Destrezas de comunicación para preparar respuestas, anticipar preguntas, y combatir inseguridades como aprendices del inglés.