APA and MLA Style Editing


Editing which targets style requirements of the APA and MLA.




Ensure your document meets the formatting and referencing requirements established by authorities like the MLA and APA. And the best part: save time! Editing is focused on citation, references, and format.


The style editing service has a $1.60 charge per page which is the equivalent to 280 words using Times New Roman in double space. All editing services have a base fee of $10.00.


We reserve the right to cancel orders where clients request editing of content without appropriate intellectual property permission or when they submit content generated by online translators (ex. Google Translate). Manuscripts with severe formatting issues could incur an additional charges. Essays or papers must be sent at least 48 hours before the desired deadline. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate deadlines to PWD when sending essays to be proofread via email. Orders considered rush must be discussed with me and approved by me first. Expedited orders have a premium cost. Unapproved rush orders will be cancelled.


Upon placing your order, you will receive instant access to my electronic form where you will include your manuscript's details and will upload the manuscript file. If you wish to receive a quote, you can write to zaira.pwdpr@gmail.com.

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