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Webinar - Organize and launch your webinar

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Participating of a webinar and programming your own are different things. In this training, you will learn the steps needed to successfully organize and launch a webinar.

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The purpose of this webinar is:

To give you the knowledge and tools needed to join the virtual world of those who:

  • monetize their workshops
  • continue offering their consulting services
  • hold meetings with their team
  • teach despite not having a physical classroom

It is not a webinar about ZOOM, it is facilitated via ZOOM.

The focus:

You will learn about webinar organization and launching. You will discover there is a structure to guide your steps towards achieving your first webinar as a host. In specific, I discuss the following processes:

  • Programming / setup
  • Tecnología
  • Registration
  • Attendee invitation and follow up
  • Organization
  • Content development
  • Fluidity while moderating
What's the status of the webinar?

It is a violation of the terms and conditions of this website to record this webinar (audio and video). The training is for one individual, the person who ordered and paid for the product. If you need training for multiple people, complete my workshop form. This is not a ZOOM training.

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